Investigative Services

Mission Possible Investigations is a full service private investigation firm offering a wide variety of investigative services to meet our clients’ needs. Mission Possible Investigations offers surveillance and undercover work as needed in any of our investigations. The links below offer a full list of our services. Please click on the link to learn more about each investigative area. If you are seeking investigative services not listed, please call us for more information and to discuss your case.

Surveillance: Investigators conduct surveillance on many types of investigative cases. Commonly surveillance is used for domestic/cheating spouse cases, insurance fraud and child custody cases. Mission Possible Investigations will help you determine if surveillance is right for your case. Investigators use the latest in video and photographic technologies and are highly skilled at utilizing surveillance to assist your case. Investigators are also trained to blend into any type of environment.

GPS Rentals: Mission Possible Investigations rents GPS equipment to our clients. GPS is used in conjunction with surveillance. A GPS unit will tell the location of the vehicle but surveillance will tell you who is in the vehicle and what is happening at that location. GPS Tracking devices provide the ability to monitor a vehicle’s movements in real time by exact address. These devices are discreetly hidden in or outside the vehicle.  Mission Possible Investigations will utilize this information to assess a vehicle’s location. We are able to provide continuous tracking for up to 90 days. Proof of vehicle ownership is needed prior to rental and will be used in accordance with all New York State laws.  Call today to see if a GPS rental will help your situation today.

Case Consultation: Mission Possible Investigations is run by and employs highly skilled investigators with years of investigative experience. Unique to Mission Possible Investigations is the wealth and depth of knowledge in crimes against persons such as abuse, neglect, sexual assault, stalking and domestic violence. Our investigators got their start as child and elder abuse investigators. They know the system and know how to handle these investigations. They are experts who have spoken at national conferences training others and written articles to help others become more aware and learn.Investigators at Mission Possible Investigations offer case consultation nationally for attorneys, law enforcement and other private investigators on cases related to child and elder abuse, neglect and child/elder fatality. Investigators also offer consultation on missing persons, domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking related cases. These cases take a specialization and a unique understanding of victimology and offender typology. Investigators at Mission Possible Investigations are highly trained and experienced working these cases and have a national network of support and resources for you. Call today.


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