Civil & Criminal Investigator

serious0002Whether it’s a civil or criminal defense case, having an experienced licensed private investigator on your side can make a marked difference in the outcome of the legal case. The key is finding a private investigator that has the experience, training and knowledge needed. Mission Possible Investigations works for law firms, insurance companies, corporations and private citizens investigating both civil and criminal defense matters.

Criminal Investigator Rochester

Investigators at Mission Possible Investigations are well versed in the legal system and understand the importance of collecting evidence that is reliable, time sensitive, accurate and legal. Investigations will never gather evidence by illegal means jeopardizing your case. Investigators can find and interview key witnesses for the case and can help to sort through false accusations and weak evidence.

Investigators are former law enforcement, state investigators and legal advocates. Mission Possible Investigations provides a range of services for attorneys in both New York and Arkansas.

Please also see our list of services offered for criminal defense and civil cases under our Attorney Services page.

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